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Technology with a human heart

Infinite Control - DEENOVA


For Deenova, an international player for robotic medication management solutions in healthcare structures worldwide, latoC created strong brand identity that went from new strategic positioning to redefinition of product names and communication format, in line with the company’s personality.

The resulting image conveyed the values of a technology that is cutting-edge but has a human heart because it is designed to reach people, always at the centre of the new photographic language. A technology that enables healthcare personnel to save precious time that can then be focused on patient care.

A shoot that populated the content of the new website, functional videos that narrate the production system, a virtual digital tour and a story told inside the company to make the commercial experience more engaging; all studied to transport the client inside a world where robotic evolution partners human sensibility.


Mediastars XXV edition
Corporate Identity Section
Special Star for Art Direction

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