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Even large-scale retailers can be socially responsible

Scuola Missione Green - SAMMONTANA


Sammontana is not just an MMR!  With latoC, it entered schools to offer a daring and innovative educational project that, beginning with purchase of the product, triggers a virtuous circle based on points collection and rewards for the classes. For 2019, in its third year of existence, the School Eco-mission project offered schools three related initiatives, designed to raise awareness among students regarding environmental issues, and stimulate them into active citizenship: a contest of ideas to support environmentally-respectful action in their own region, a call for the best eco-project to make their school more sustainable and, linked to this, the collection of empty Barattolino tubs, used to vote in the contest and reward the most interesting projects. Because environmental education can start even with a simple Barattolino ice-cream tub.

LatoC in partnership with FPE for Sammontana.

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