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After Sales: the beautiful side



How can you create a recognisable format that promotes Nissan’s after-sales service? With a “project” that echoes the engineering design of those who want to build something that stands out from the crowd. Based on the payoff “We have redesigned the concept of service”, a communication format emerges to promote the key components of Nissan’s Customer Promise, introducing the topic of personalisation in a global manner. This is a topic that will continue to grow in importance in the present and future company vision of Nissan.

Car MakeUp campaign

The concept of personalisation evolves to become a business tool for dealers, with a digital platform for setting up local marketing campaigns. This tool enables direct marketing tailored to customers, offering bespoke services and promotions. One example of this personalisation strategy is the Car MakeUp campaign, where the dealer addresses the specific target market online, revealing the chance to preserve their Nissan’s appearance by replacing the bumpers and removing scratches in the paintwork. And the result? A great-looking car in excellent condition, as if it had just come back from the ‘beauty parlour’.

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