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When crafting becomes the protagonist



Otech Industry enters the medical market. With Oneyonis®, an innovative device that introduces a real revolution in surgical incision using Airplasma® technology, the company positions itself as a company able to help surgeons improve incision, dissection and micro-hemostasis procedures of human tissues.

LatoC’s goal was to create innovative and disruptive communication in a sector that commonly uses purely technical languages ​​and images. How did you achieve this? Using a metaphor: human skin and tissues have in fact been transformed into an incision in the paper, a noble fabric, resistant but delicate at the same time.

A crafting job that aims to show the final result in using an innovative device: the surgeon’s satisfaction and easier patient recovery.

Corporate communication that goes beyond the traditional and puts the company under a new light, different from competitors, with a project with an international scope translated and presented to distributors all over the world.
For Otech Industry, latoC fully followed all the activities in support of the product launch. In particular, after a careful study of the positioning of the device, the agency took care of the conception and development of BTL materials and product documentation, website and corporate identity. 

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