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Fertility Forum - Merck


Merck celebrated an important achievement — 2 million babies born thanks to its efforts in over 60 years — and set out to promote its mission in Italy in the field of assisted reproduction, supporting government initiatives on the subject. Together with Lato C, the brand launched an annual forum on fertility which sees participation by major opinion leaders, and a series of initiatives aimed at the general public. For example: an itinerant exhibition that reveals the history and results of the battle against infertility, with a strongly effective visual set-up: a large sphere that represents the fertilised ovum.

A stand that talks - or rather, wails!

As well as the oval track that reveals the history of research in the world of assisted reproduction, the stand at the exhibition exploits an original engagement strategy: the wailing sound of a baby to capture the attention of passers-by and tell them the story of assisted reproduction. In the photos, the set-up in Rome at the Galleria Alberto Sordi.

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