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A high-flying event

Blue Butterfly Effect - NovoNordisk


How do you create a memorable “remote” event?

For the annual Novo Nordisk meeting, latoC focused on emotions also for the digital event.

3 days of virtual engagement that went way beyond the limits of physicality.
Over 300 people immersed in a 360° digital ecosystem that exploited broadcasting design technologies to recreate the atmosphere of a live show, presented quite extraordinarily by Fabio Volo. A butterfly effect that started with the delivery teaser of a Bartender Kit for each participant and a personalised invitation, a collaboration stage dedicated to content design, with active participation by the client, the star of authorial videos and the moment of the live event, with speeches, a virtual contest between those taking part, coffee with entertainment, team building, 20 workshop rooms, a live show and a real-time survey for immediate participant feedback.

Unprecedented integration between the physical and virtual worlds that became a benchmark and paragon for the future of digital meetings, latoC made a digital experience take off and soar with the power of emotions.

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